When I Die…


  I hope everyone is in the best of health and in the state of ever increasing Iman. Allah says “Verily man is forgetfull”, it is indeed the truth that we forget. We forget the purpose of our life and the most important thing that we forget is that too reflect over our own death. The other day I thought about how I was going to die. In what state will I meet my lord in? Will I die in a car accident listening to music, will the angel come and take my soul as I am studying for an exam? I think how will it be. Would I have wished to concentrate on my Prayer better that day? Would I have wished to lower my gaze that day? Would I have wished to make dhikr that day? When I die what state will I be in? Will i be ready to meet my lord or not?

  These are the questions my brothers and sisters that we must reflect on. We must ask ourselves are we Muslims, not only that we believe, but have we submitted to the will of Allah. When we die will we be confident that we are going to succeed and be permitted into jannah? The questions are endless, and so are the thoughts. But we need to start living our lives according to Allah and his Messenger. That is our success in this life and in the next. We need to start making fajar prayer and the rest of our prayers. We must study Islam, if we dont know and understand our deen then how will we follow it. I hope this is somthing that we all can benifit from, just a small reminder people. Check out this video, a video about our inevitable. The heart needs to beat…and so we stay alive.


One Response to “When I Die…”

  1. umar Abdul-Mutakabbir Says:

    loved it. it’s been awhile since something has touched me. Alhamdullah.

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