Desert Rose


I hope everyone is in the best of health and in the state of ever increasing iman. Muhammad Shareef  is the founder f Al Maghrib Institute and I can proudly say one of my teachers as well. He has a series of lectures of on the Seerah called Desert Rose. Mashallah it is one of the best lectures I have heard on the life of the Prophet Muhammad (saw). These are the first two lecttures, Inshallah i will be posting the rest throughout the week. The heart needs to beat…and so we stay alive. Enjoy


3 Responses to “Desert Rose”

  1. umar Abdul-Mutakabbir Says:

    thats some really good stuff. where can i get more. Alhamdullah.

  2. khanner12 Says:

    salaam brother… inshallah i will be posting the rest of the videos later this week…probably two at a time…if you want to check them all out u can go to youtube and type in muhammad shareef desert rose.

  3. Asadullah Says:

    I agree with my Son Umar, very good. I will check out the You Tube and inshallah, watch them all. May Allah (TA) grant you much barrackahs for ths work, Amin.

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