The Iman of Abu Jandal

I hope everyone is in the best of health and in the state of ever increasing iman. We all go through trials and tribulations that come from Allah to test our Iman. The main thing is to be patient and bear it while thanking Allah. Allah says in the Quran that “Verily after every harship is ease”. This post is about the trial of a Sahabi, Abu Jandal. His trial was greater than all of ours. The video below makes us pateint and thankfull. With Ramadan around the corner, we need to refresh patience in our hearts and minds, inshallah. “Oh you who beleive seek help through patience and salah (prayer). The heart needs to beat…and so we stay alive. salaam.


One Response to “The Iman of Abu Jandal”

  1. Nihal Khan Says:

    salaam man,

    whats going on….did u go to ilm summit?

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