Mishary Al Afasy Nasheed

Salaam, I hope everyone is in the best of health and in the state of increasing iman. The past few posts have been packed with information and a lot knowledge that begs our acting upon it.  So this post will be  light and will be entertaining. This is a new nasheed by our dear shaykh Mishary Al Afasy. Keep me in your duas as I am in much need of them. The heart needs to beat…and so we stay alive. Salaam.


3 Responses to “Mishary Al Afasy Nasheed”

  1. walaikumassalaam.
    nasheed was nice, it would’ve been better with some translation. :/ hes my favorite reciter tho, mashaAllah his voice is amazing. anyway your last few posts were well written and informative, alhamdulillah. may Allah swt bless you to continue gaining knowledge so that you can spread the treasure of Islam. AMEEN.. say ameen. 🙂


    • jzakhallah khair for ur kind words, remember me always in ur prayers.

      btw who r u…some info would be nice. take care

  2. assalaamualaikum.
    i just kinda stumbled on your site, and started reading… yesterday. lol i dont think we know each other, if that’s what you’re asking..


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